Ethnic Agricultural Area


Ethnic Agricultural Area

Farmers from the Brabant province of Belgium began immigrating to Northeastern Wisconsin around 1853, lured by Antwerp advertisements of farmland at $1.25 an acre and the promise of a French speaking population. These groups built sturdy houses, cultivated the land, and adjusted to life in America. With the exception of the native cultures all who came to this country were immigrants in some fashion and can trace their roots back to these brave souls.


Cheese Factory Built in 1894 located one mile southeast of Slovan, WI.Discover more >


Belgian Farm Believed that the farmhouse was built after the Peshtigo Fire in 1871. Discover more >


The Cotton House Built on land owned by Louis Beaupre, title transfer to John Arndt in 1826. Discover more >


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier A four ton slab of amberg granite forms the floor and roof.Discover more >


Roadside Chapel Joseph Derenne built the Chapel after he was miraculously cured of cancer.Discover more >