Belgian Farm

It is believed that the farmhouse was built after the October 10, 1871, Peshtigo Fire. The Charles Massart Family owned the farmhouse; the summer kitchen and the small log structure. The structures were located in Rosiere. The barn belonged to the Lampereur family from Brussels, the pig barn belonged to the Ivan Draize family from Luxemburg, the chicken coop belonged to the Julian Romwald family, and the Roadside Chapel belonged to the LaLazerne family of Duvall. All were located in Kewaunee County. The farmhouse is a log house with brick veneer. The brick is red, probably from the area, and cream, probably from the lakeshore, possibly Milwaukee area. The brick was added sometime after the house was constructed. The brick has a “quoins” design typical of homes in Belgium. The summer kitchen is made of limestone. The barn and other out buildings are of log construction.

Building Facts

Original Build Date Circa 1872
Original Location Near Rosierre, Wisconsin
Construction Style Log with brick veneer
Original Owner John Baptist and Theresa Massart
Moved to Heritage Hill 1984