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Two-Day Discover History Camps

Adventure Heritage Hill

If your child has never attended a day camp at Heritage Hill, this camp is a good way to start. Discover some favorite activities as you adventure through the park. Campers will do fun projects such as papermaking, ice cream making (and tasting!), scarecrow stuffing, and more.

Antique Science

Does your child love Bill Nye or the Mythbusters? In this camp, students will become scientists, just like the ones they look up to. How does the blacksmith get the metal to bend? Why does popcorn pop? Why do we have animals on the farm? Campers will explore all of these questions and more! Shhhh - don't tell them that they'll be learning!

Junior Historian

Learn about a day in the life of a historian. Campers will learn the process that an archaeologist goes through to do a dig and how historians learn about the past. They will even get to meet and do activities with Heritage Hill's historians!

Farmer Boy

Children will learn about life as a child on a farm in the late 1800s, just like Almanzo Wilder experienced. Participate in County Fair activities, learn about the importance of helping on a farm, snack on stove-top popcorn, learn the science behind farming, and more!

Three-Day Discover History Camps

Military Adventure

We listened to your feedback and made this popular camp a 3-day camp this year! Kids will travel through the Revolution all the way to World War II!

Life of Laura

Experience life as it was during Laura and Almanzo's time by taking part in activities from the Little House books. Meet our farm animals, churn butter, make a calling card, and much more!

  Other Information

Children are encouraged to dress in historic clothing, but this is not required for participation.
Shoes do not have to be historic, but rather should be close toed and comfortable for walking. 
Discover History Camps are held regardless of weather, so please dress your child accordingly.


Campers can either pack their own lunch or buy a lunch from Heritage Hill; call for more information on this option.  Campers will receive a popcorn snack along with a popsicle and water (subject to change).

Reserving A Program

1.) Registration forms are available at Heritage Hill and online.

2.) Fill out the registration form and return or mail it with payment to Heritage Hill no later than two weeks        prior to the program date.

***Please note that refunds are not available once payment has been received.***

3.) Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis using registration forms. Phone calls will not officially register you into a program.

4.) Receive 10% off when signing your child up for more than one camp.

5.) If you have any questions, please contact our Education Coordinator, Rachel, at (920)448-5150 x 102 or at

NOTE: Programs must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. All photographs taken during programs may be used in Heritage Hill brochures or other promotional materials.