Field Trips for Daycare Groups at Heritage Hill

Bienvenue A La Baye

Explore a time when Wisconsin was La Baye and many locals were fur traders. Children will see popcorn being popped over an open fire, tour the fur trade cabin, play Native American games and sing voyageur songs. Learn More.

Fire and Fun in Small Town

Meet the town’s blacksmith, and watch him twist red-hot iron. Children will then help the volunteer fire department put out a “fire” before they play historic games and make a special toy to take home. Learn More.

Work and Play on the Farm

Experience life as it was on a 1900s farm. Meet the animals, do laundry, and help with chores. End your visit with a game of 'Hunt the Ring' or an egg and spoon raceLearn More.

Life at Fort Howard

Explore what military life was like at 1836 Historic Fort Howard in Green Bay. Help with Fort chores, march with the drill sergeant, attend a school lesson, and play the Fort Relay. Learn More.