1848 Schoolhouse Program


Welcome to the year 1848. Your students will be immersed in the feeling of traveling back in time to experience school and learning in a completely new way. Our teacher leads your class in geography, history, reading, math and spelling lessons out of 1840s textbooks. Students read from McGuffey readers, study historic maps, and figure arithmetic on slates. This will be an experience your students will remember for years.

1848 Schoolhouse Program Facts

Grades 3-5
Length 2 Hour Program
Maximum Capacity 40 students per program
Cost $100 per program
Chaperones 1 teacher/chaperone per 10 students required. Additional chaperones are $10/chaperone.
Academic Standards Social Studies: A.4.5, B.4.7, B.4.8, English: A.4.1, A.4.4, B.4.1, C.4.1, C.4.2, C.4.3, D.4.1, Math: A.4.2, A.4.3 Call Rachel at 920-448-5150 x 102 or email [email protected] to talk to our Education Coordinator.

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