Build a Log Cabin


In this interactive program, children discover the differences between historic saddle-notch and piece-on-piece cabins by constructing small models of each. As they build, students learn about choices in roofing, chimneys, and building sites. Students will be given the opportunity to make chinking (a packing that is placed between logs), a wooden shingle and shingle a roof. Students will learn about the log cabin buildings that are on-site at Heritage Hill, such as Tank Cottage and the Belgian Farm. Also learn about the original style log buildings of Fort Howard in 1816.

Build a Log Cabin Facts

Grades 2-5
Length 2 Hour Program
Maximum Capacity 40 students per program
Cost $100 per program
Chaperones 1 teacher/chaperone per 10 students required. Additional chaperones are $10/chaperone.
Academic Standards Social Studies: A.4.4, B.4.8 Call Rachel at 920-448-5150 x 102 or email [email protected]  to talk to our Education Coordinator.

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