About Us

Mission of Heritage Hill Foundation

Heritage Hill Foundation exists for the charitable and educational purposes of encouraging, promoting and assisting in the development of Heritage Hill State Historical Park.  

Heritage Hill receives a small portion of its funding from the state. The balance comes from admissions, generous donors and Heritage Hill Foundation. The Foundation's endowment funds help finance educational programming, building preservation and general operating costs.  Heritage Hill Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. 

Heritage Hill Foundation is the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks group for Heritage Hill State Historical Park. Visit their website for more information on Friends groups and Wisconsin State Parks activities.

Foundation Board Members and Staff

Board Members: Ann Beilke; Rick Beverstein; Peter Biermeier; Tracy Capomaccio; Scott Copeland, President; Philip Danen, Member-at-Large; Mavis Martens; Sharon Murphy; Barb Patz, Vice President; Ken Petter, Secretary; Mike Raymaker, Member at Large; Donald Salmon; David Van Straten; Vern Vandenberg; Colleen Weyers; Karen Wojahn, Treasurer

Staff: Barbara Miller, Executive Director; Julie Smith, Development Assistant; Debbie Ashmann, Fundraising & Events Manager; Molly Dillon, Accountant