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For Kids


If the camp you were interested in is full, you can fill out our waiting list form here.

All camps are for ages 6-13.

Adventure Heritage Hill

July 15
If your child has never attended a day camp at Heritage Hill, this camp is a good way to start. Participate in some popular activities as you adventure through the park. Campers will do fun projects such as making prints on a historic printing press, doing scavenger hunts, playing historic games, and more.

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Childhood Through the Years

July 16
This camp is all about how kids had fun in the past! Campers will learn what school was like in the past, do crafts, put out an imaginary fire, and more!

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Life of Laura

July 17
Experience life as it was during Laura and Almanzo’s time by taking part in activities from the Little House books. Meet our farm animals, churn butter, play county fair games like Almanzo, and much more!

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Military History

July 18
Be mustered into the army at a frontier military post and learn what life was like for soldiers in the 1830s! March, make and eat hardtack, and even do an egg hunt in this fun, interactive camp.

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Antique Science

July 19
In this camp, children will become scientists, just like the ones they look up to. How does the blacksmith get the metal to bend? Why does popcorn pop? Why do we have animals on the farm? Campers will explore all of these questions and more! Shhhh – don’t tell them that they’ll be learning!

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Each day of camp is $20 and must be registered for individually.

Preparing for Camp

Registration Form

Your registration is not complete until a registration form is completed and either mailed in advance or brought the day of.

2019 DHC Registration Form – Mailing in this registration form without purchasing your spot online WILL NOT register your child for camps.



Please pack your child a lunch each day of camp as Heritage Hill does not provide lunch. Lunch will be eaten approximately at noon each day (but can vary slightly).

Along with their lunch, please also pack a snack and a water bottle.

What to Wear

Please dress according to the weather as there are many activities that take place outdoors. Campers should wear sunscreen (not provided) and protective clothing.