Hysterical Historical Sundays with Let Me Be Franks!

Hysterical (Historical) Green Bay Season at Heritage Hill:

All shows take place at 3 p.m. in the Moravian Church

History meets fiction with Hysterical (Historical) Players of Green Bay. We present the local history of Northeastern Wisconsin with musical parodies of the times and hysterical family comedy. There is always a little history and a lot of fiction. Music in all shows is either original pieces or taken from genres of certain decades. We can play to groups of 50 to 1000. To book Hysterical (Historical) Green Bay call Let Me Be Frank Productions at 920-371-4070 or email Frank at [email protected].

Sunday, June 3, 2018
“The Wake of Johnny Blood”

Johnny Blood was a polarizing figure of Green Bay Packer lore. We take you back to a train ride to Los Angeles in 1929. When one of his gal-pals parked on the railroad track so Blood wouldn't miss the train, is Johnny dead, or just dead drunk? Curly does a quickie funeral to get back on the track. Music from the 1950s.

Sunday, July 22, 2018
“The Life of Ebenezer Childs”

Ebenezer Childs was one of our forefathers of La Baye, or Green Bay. He loved to tell everyone of his many accomplishments even if they weren't true, but these were! He made the first ox yoke for plowing in the territory, built a store for Daniel Whitney, was the first plaintiff to win a trial in Wisconsin, built the first road east of Green Bay to Kaukauna, built the first frame house in Wisconsin for Judge Doty, and built the first saw mill in Indian Territory. All original songs from Frank Hermans.

Sunday, August 5, 2018
“The Death of Al/Alice Capone”

Al Capone and his sweetheart, The Lady in Red, are vacationing in Chilton and staying at the Central House Hotel.  Well bad guys Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger just happen to be there too.  Mayhem happens and well, Al is shot dead.  Who did it?  Elliot Ness is sent to solve the crime, could it have been one of the gangsters or one of you in the audience?  A who done it musical!  You have to see it to believe it!


$20.00 - In Advance 

$25.00 - Day of 

$45.00 for the season pass (3 shows) 

Seating: General, no assigned seating. 

Doors open at 2pm! 

*includes park admission!