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Activity Kits

Fur Trade Activity Kit- $65*

In an effort to bring Heritage Hill to you, we’ve put together a collection of activities to support your students and to get them excited about the fur trade industry in the 18th century. This kit is the perfect way to supplement instruction and can be used in its entirety for a more in depth understanding of this topic or broken down to suit a specific lesson. Our kit includes a brief history of the fur trade industry in Wisconsin and activities to promote creative and critical thinking skills. We hope students, parents and teachers will find this kit to be an engaging experience right at your fingertips!

Fur Trade Q&A- $30

To enhance your Fur Trade Activity Kit experience you can schedule a 30 minute live virtual question and answer session with our Fur Trader. The Fur Trader will discuss and demonstrate the lifestyle and tools of the fur trade industry via video conference and answer any questions students, teachers, or parents have about the Fur Trade. Q&A sessions will be scheduled based on historical interpreter availability.

*Terms of use: This resource was created by Heritage Hill State Park. It may be used by the original purchaser for single class use only. Teachers may distribute this product in email, through google classroom or the internet to students and parents as long as the site is password protected. In other words, you may distribute to your own students but not post on the internet where it can be publicly downloaded. If you want to share this product with colleagues, please purchase additional activity kits via Heritage Hill website. Thank you for respecting these terms of use.