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General Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Currently, reservations for any program can be made by emailing or calling (920) 448-5150 ext. 201.

When is payment due?

Payment for school and group tours (including daycares) is due 30 days in advance of your visit.

What if I don’t know the exact number of students who will be attending when I book the program?

We ask that your student count be as accurate as possible as you will be invoiced upon confirmation of your reservation. If your student count needs to be updated and a new invoice issued, please contact Please note that refunds will not be issued for students that do not attend the day of the program, but are already paid for.

Can I change the amount of chaperones?

Additional chaperones can be paid for on the day of your visit. Memberships or passes do not apply to educational programming and chaperones over the 1:15 student ratio will be required to pay the additional $10. If possible, please pay for all chaperones in one transaction as this will help speed up the check-in process.

Are my activities scheduled?

It depends! During Spring Tours, you are free to tour the park at will, but your school lessons and lunch time/location are scheduled by our Education Coordinator. Our Fall Field Trips and Daycare Field Trips offer a more structured program guided by our costumed interpreters.

How many adults can I bring?

Teachers and aides are admitted free to educational programs. Chaperones are always welcome, but only 1:15 students will be admitted free. Memberships or passes do not apply to educational programming and chaperones over the 1:15 student ratio will be required to pay the additional $10. 

Do chaperones and teachers count in the max capacity?

Yes, please keep your chaperone count and teacher count in mind when booking a field trip at Heritage Hill. Due to fire codes, we have to keep groups below a certain number when allowed inside buildings.

What do I do when I arrive?

Upon arrival, have a designated teacher enter the Education Center and come to the front desk to check-in. During check-in, you will be given a map, lunch time and location, and any other necessary items for the day. Any additional payments can be taken at this time as well.

What do I bring with me?

Dress for the weather, as much of your time will be spent outside. This includes bringing bug spray, sunscreen, rain jackets, hats, mittens, etc. Be aware that backpacks, large bags, and food and drink are not allowed in our historic buildings as there are valuable artifacts that could be affected by these. It is also advised that students not bring iPads/tablets with them as they are a distraction and could be easily broken or lost during one of the activities.

What options are there for lunch?

Heritage Hill offers a few sheltered spaces as well as picnic tables scattered through the park where lunches can be eaten. Depending on your program, a lunch time and location may be scheduled if eating lunch at the park.

What if it rains/snows?

Please come dressed for the weather as Heritage Hill rarely cancels events/programs due to weather. Our programs run rain or shine.

Do you offer rain days?

We do not currently offer rain days. Our programs run rain or shine so have your students come dressed for the weather.

How do we cancel?

Cancellations prior to payment can be made anytime. If within the 30 days, refunds are not available, except in extenuating circumstances. 

Is the park wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the buildings and pathways are wheelchair accessible, but please be aware that we are on a hill and due to weather it may be slippery. Heritage Hill also has limited wheelchairs for use within the park should the need arise.

Our school can’t afford the admission price, are there discounts available to us?

Heritage Hill does have funding available for schools that meet certain criteria.

Fall Field Trips

I have more than 80 students, can I still bring them the same day?

It depends on what grade you plan on bringing. If your students are 1st or 2nd graders, Life on a Belgian Farm will best suit you, in which case, you will need to bring your students on separate days. If you’re bringing 3rd-6th graders, it is possible to book a double program which would increase the capacity to 160 people.

Spring Tours

Where do we start our tour?

In any of our four areas as most of the day is self-guided, but please keep in mind your school lesson times and lunch times (if applicable) are scheduled.

How much time should I spend in each area?

For buildings with historic interpreters, plan for at least 20 minutes, but remember that there are other buildings to see and learn about if you have to wait for a tour.

Daycare Field Trips

I have more than 50 kids in my daycare. Can I still bring them the same day?

Yes! There are a couple of options from which you can choose. One set of kids can tour the park while the other does a daycare program and then the two groups swap at lunch, or both groups can do a daycare program and swap after lunch.