Heritage Hill Home School Programs

All of our programs align to state and national academic standards. The button below has a chart showing which standards each program meets. The chart is based off of the average age of our home school visitors. If your child is in a grade other than 3rd and you'd like to know the standards, email our Education Assistant, Erin, at erin@heritagehillgb.org, for more information.

Kaitlin Cooking

2017 Home School Brochure

2017 Home School Registration Form

June 14th Fire & Fun the in Small Town homeschool AM program is FULL - We are adding a 1-2:30pm time slot 

October 11th Spies and Espionage AM program is Full- We are adding a 1-2:30pm time slot 


Master Gardening Series- Learn about gardening, the history of gardening, and help plant the beatiful gardens of our park! 

First Program Starts March 15!

2017 Gardening Series Info

2017 Gardening Series Registration Form


For any questions and to register, contact Laura via phone 800-721-5150 x 102 or email laura@heritagehillgb.org. Please register at least 1 week in advance.

For additional information about home schooling and home school programs outside Heritage Hill, a great resource is: The Home School Mom