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Hillganger Club

The Hillganger Club celebrates the history of our area.  Your membership helps sustain, support, and present the many diverse programs which enhance the educational and cultural experiences in our community.  A Hillganger membership demonstrates your passion for and commitment to historic education and preservation.  You are enriching the quality of life right here in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Individual $50
Individual + One $80
Family $100


Cotton Club

Founded in 1988, and named for the landmark house at the top of the hill, The Cotton Club has contributed to the financial support of history education and preservation at Heritage Hill State Park for more than 500,000 students and countless visitors. Your annual membership helps provide an exciting, interactive, living history experience through expertly preserved historic buildings and engaging interpretation. Support through the Cotton Club helps ensure our rich history will survive for future generations.

Pioneer $200
Pioneer + One $350
Voyageur $500
Benefactor $1,000
Patron $2,000