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Girl Scouts of America

Girl Scout Troop Opportunities

$10 per person, programs are all 2 hours in length and can be scheduled based on your needs and availability

  1. Brownie Outdoor Adventurer– Play outdoor games from the past at Heritage Hill or your chosen location.
    • Play outdoors in a new way
    • Buddy up and play outdoor games
  2. Junior Playing the Past– Experience how girls of the past lived, worked, and played at Heritage Hill or your chosen location.
    • Experience daily life
    • Have some old-fashioned fun
    • Become your character
  3. Junior Gardener– Explore one of three historical heirloom gardens at Heritage Hill.
    • Visit a garden
    • Explore garden design
    • Learn how to choose garden plants
    • Experiment with seeds
  4. Cadette New Cuisines– Cook a Belgian dish or dish from the past using historical cooking techniques at Heritage Hill.
    • Make a dish from another country
    • Whip up a dish from another time period
  5. Senior Textile Artist– Choose to create a textile masterpiece by making a rag rug, using a loom, knitting or crocheting at Heritage Hill or your chosen location.
    • Choose your textile art
    • Find your tools and materials
    • Learn the basics
    • Make something for everyday use
    • Create a gift or item for a special occasion

Girl Scout Speakers, Experts, and Safety Consultant Programs

Outreach Programs $120 in Brown County, $160 outside of Brown County, can be scheduled according to your needs and availability and at your chosen location.

  1. Playthings from the Past: Indoor
    • Heritage Hill Historical Interpreter instructs and leads indoor games from the past
  2. Playthings from the Past: Outdoor
    • Heritage Hill Historical Interpreter instructs and leads outdoor games from the past

Scouting (Boy Scouts of America)

Boy Scout Merit Badges

Heritage Hill offers experiences toward earning merit badges such as archaeology, gardening, leatherwork, textiles, wilderness survival, and living history. Custom programs are also available, upon request.

Eagle Scout Projects

Interested in completing your Eagle Scout project here at Heritage Hill? Contact us for more information.