Tuesday, August 19, 2014 beginning at 6:30 pm

Presentation and book signing - Admission is FREE

Acclaimed author Harvey J. Kaye challenges us to remember what conservatives have never wanted to acknowledge and liberals have all too often forgotten:   that the Greatest Generation was also America’s most progressive one.  

Franklin Roosevelt, their iconic and beloved president, endowed Americans with the promise of the Four Freedoms:  Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, and Freedom from fear.  In their spirit, the country confronted the Great Depression and pursued the labors and struggles of the New Deal.  And those freedoms became the aims that mobilized Americans to defeat the Axis Powers and strengthen America’s prosperity after the war.

Now, Kaye writes, after more than thirty years of subordinating the public good to corporate priorities and private greed, of subjecting American citizens to ever widening inequality, to intensifying insecurities and curbed democratic impulses, we need to remember how a President and a generation overcame these same threats, even as they won a world war.  Indeed, he insists, we must not only remember.  We must act – act as our parents acted – act to make America, as FDR put it, “fairly radical for a generation.”

In THE FIGHT FOR THE FOUR FREEDOMS, Kaye calls the children and grandchildren of that generation, the inheritors and guardians of those dearly earned freedoms, to take up the fight for them again. By making America more progressive, the Greatest Generation had their true rendezvous with destiny. And Kaye convinces readers that to honor them, it is time for today’s generation of Americans to follow suit, before it is too late.


Harvey J Kaye


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Gates open at 5:00pm. Concert begins at 6pm.

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Free Concert on the Green featuring " River City Six". The Group has been preforming together for the last 15 years. Ken Peterson on trombone and Lovell Ives on the trumpet, form the backbone of the group. They bring their blend of New Orleans and Chicago style jazz to Heritage Hill State Historical Park to finish off the summer music season with a bang! Feel free to bring a lawn chair and a picnic lunch to make the evening enjoyable. Transportation and concessions are available.

River City Six August 26

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