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Adult Education Programs

New for 2020! Exclusive Seasonal Exhibits

Heritage Hill is hosting three traveling exhibits from the Wisconsin Historical Society. These limited time exhibits are included with regular admission! See descriptions and dates below.

Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Exhibit, January 20-February 15

In the summer of 1964, 70,000 black Mississippi residents, mostly disenfranchised poor people, were joined by about 1,500 volunteers, mostly northern college students, as they attempted to register to vote and challenge segregation. Local police, state government and community leaders fought back, trying to keep African Americans “in their place.” Several residents and civil rights workers were murdered and hundreds were beaten or arrested. Widespread media coverage shocked the nation, leading nine months later to the 1965 voting rights act which finally broke the back of Jim Crow America. This exhibit features reproductions of 77 historic photographs and documents.

Wisconsin’s John Muir: An Exhibit Celebrating the Centennial of the National Park Service, April 6- May 1

Commemorating the centennial of the National Park Service, the traveling display “Wisconsin’s John Muir: An Exhibit Celebrating the Centennial of the National Park Service” explores Muir’s youth in Wisconsin, his advocacy for national parks and his views on environmental issues such as logging, hunting and climate change. This exhibit features facsimiles of images and manuscripts from the Society’s library and archives alongside Muir quotes and interpretive texts.

Great Lakes Small Streams: How Water Shapes Wisconsin, July 27- August 24

The Great Lakes region is home to one of the largest freshwater resources on the planet. That water shaped the landscape, history and communities of our state. The Wisconsin Historical Society’s traveling display “Great Lakes Small Streams: How Water Shapes Wisconsin” explores our state’s long relationship with water and the impact we have had on our vast waterways. This exhibit features reproductions of 70 historic and contemporary photographs and documents.


Military Muster at Fort Howard

Group Size

Minimum: 10 | Maximum: 60


1.5 – 2 hours


By advanced group reservation: April, May, September, October: Saturdays & Sundays | June through August: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. & Sunday, Noon – 4 p.m.


Experience what life would have been like at a frontier military post in the 1830s, as you enlist and take on the persona of a real soldier who served at Fort Howard. Visit the country’s oldest standing military hospital and learn about treatments for common ailments during the 19th century. Learn about and participate in some of the daily duties and tasks of a soldier. Make a historic recipe and take home a taste of the past.


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