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Memorial Opportunities

Your investment in Heritage Hill is a cherished gift. Contributions help ensure the legacy of our
mission to enrich the lives of others by sharing Northeast Wisconsin’s diverse cultural and historic ties that bind our communities together.

If interested in any of the memorial options below, please contact Elizabeth Jolly-Haslitt, (920) 448-5150 ext. 103 or


Your brick will pave the way to the future of providing engaging, exciting, and educational living history experiences. Choose from two sizes to customize and share your message. These highly visible bricks are located at the entrance of the Betsy Hendrickson and Lucyanna Hitch Education Center on the front porch. A great way to commemorate your wedding at Heritage Hill. 

    • 4 x 8 Brick $150
    • 8 x 8 Brick $300





The bronze sculpture, located in the reception area of the Betsy Hendrickson and Lucyanna-Hitch Education Center, recognizes the generosity of many donors. Gifts are acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Leaf $1000
  • Leaf with One Star $5000
  • Leaf with Two Stars $10,000
  • Leaf with Three Stars $15,000
  • Leaf with Four Stars $20,000
  • Small Apple $25,000
  • Large Apple $50,000
  • Founding Stone $100,000


A forever statement of appreciation or love for family, friends, or organizations. Create a place for reflection and remembrance. An Engraved brass plaque is included with the bench.

  • Bench $500
  • Tree $750