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A Voyageur’s Sojourn at La Baye: A Fur Trade Encampment

May 11, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Heritage Hill State Historical Park
A Voyageur’s Sojourn at La Baye: A Fur Trade Encampment @ Heritage Hill State Historical Park

It is mid-May in the year 1765 and the Voyageurs have arrived in their canot du nords – northern canoes – at La Baye. After a four-day journey leaving Fort Michilimackinac, they arrived with their goods to trade for furs and other items that the indigenous peoples had accumulated through the fall and winter months. Hear the stories of the Voyageur’s travels and witness firsthand a day in the life of these hardy men. Learn how the trading was conducted between the native tribes and the merchant posted at La Baye. Learn the history of the fur trade that was once under French control, then regulated by Great Britain after 1760.


  • Engage with the public on their daily routines and travels to La Baye from Mackinac
  • Discuss trade goods, meals, and “a day in the life” of a voyageur
  • Sing traditional songs and tell voyageur stories
  • 11 AM – Noon: Two or three canoe brigades with six-man crews will journey south along the shore then return and portage back to camp.


  • Talking to the public about the fur trade, the role of the clerks and discussion on trade goods.
  • Trading between the Natives and the clerks.


  •  Discussion on native customs, hunting furs, maple sugar camps, hunting camps and trading furs and other goods.

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